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Percy 100

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Challenge: percy and superstitions [May. 17th, 2006|07:09 pm]
Percy 100

Title: Step on the cracks
Rating: R
Warnings: Disturbing content ahoy...AU
Pairing: Feral!Lupin/Percy
Word length: 149. Sorry, couldn't cut anything.

Percy counts the steps beneath his breath. His lips are blue but he dare not breathe. And there is a strange hand pressed against the small of his backCollapse )
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Hair Flare [May. 10th, 2006|01:30 am]
Percy 100
Title: Hair Flare
Rating: PG (slight language)
Characters/Pairings: Bill Weasley, Charlie Weasley, Percy Weasley, Fred Weasley (mentioned), George Weasley (mentioned), Ron Weasley, Ginny Weasley
-weasley100: Weasley Wares
-bill100: Bad Hair Day
-charlie100: Reflections
-percy100: Percy and Superstitions
-1000ways_twins: None
-gryffindor100: Ron Weasley
-ginevra100: April Fool’s

( Percy Weasley resolved he was going to hex his twin brothers into oblivion. )
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Challenge #13 [Mar. 25th, 2006|05:02 pm]
Percy 100

*waves* Ahoy hoy everyone. Sorry for the miniature hiatus :) Back to the drabbling!


Percy and superstitions

As always, if you have suggestions or comments, feel free to reply to this or email me at rosewhispers.lj @ gmail.com
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(no subject) [Feb. 20th, 2006|09:44 pm]
Percy 100

[mood |calmcalm]
[music |One sweet day]

Title: Silent Strength

Author: The Angelic Vampire

Rating: PG

Silent StrengthCollapse )
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For the Resolutions Challenge [Feb. 10th, 2006|11:09 pm]
Percy 100

[mood |amusedWhee!]
[music |Beautiful people-Marilyn Manson]

Title: Heeding me now
Author: Me! nova_bright
Pairing: Percy/Cedric (Deadric, really...oh I am mean.)
Rating: Let's say PG-13...
Word count: 105! Yeah, that's right!
I sob and I scream. I see the green light hitting his chest. And every night he lays in my bed. His eyes are now silver.Collapse )
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"Weak Resolve" [Jan. 18th, 2006|07:36 pm]
Percy 100

Title: Weak Resolve
Author: redcandle17
Rating: G
Word Count: 100
Prompt: Percy + resolutions

Percy made only one resolution this new year. Never again would he use his family for professional advantage.

He had tried to decline Scrimegour’s order to accompany him to the Burrow. But the minister of magic commented that if he couldn’t count on Percy for such a trivial task, then when could he be relied upon. Percy was no fool; he did what he had to. He avoided meeting anyone’s eyes, but he was too slow in lowering his gaze away from Molly’s. He saw the tears in her eyes.

However he knew it was a resolution he couldn’t keep.
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challenge #12 [Jan. 10th, 2006|03:22 pm]
Percy 100

[mood |complacentcomplacent]
[music |The curse of Millhaven-Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds]

for the resolutions challenge

Title: Stones in my pockets
Rating: PG
Warnings: Disturbing themes...
Word count: 121...so close to 100! ^^

He is someone too dear to name says Percy. They all stare. All of God's children have got to die.Collapse )
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Challenge #12 [Jan. 9th, 2006|09:52 am]
Percy 100

[mood |thirstythirsty]


Percy and resolutions
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(no subject) [Jan. 8th, 2006|02:49 pm]
Percy 100

for the magical creatures challenge

Title: Circles and lines
Pairing: Percy/Tom Riddle
Rating: PG-13
Word count: 172...yes I know. Too many, but I couldn't cut it down further.

Moving. Writing. Ink drips down his sleeve. Feathers are floating in the air, and snakes curl around his feet.Collapse )
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Fall from Grace [Jan. 2nd, 2006|09:13 pm]
Percy 100
Title: Fall from Grace
Word Count: 100.
Characters/Pairings: Lucius, Percy, Lucius/Percy
Rating: PG-13/R [Violence, sensuality. No actual sex.]
Author's Notes: Originally posted for the Liquid challenge over at hp100. Crossposted here.
Summary: Percy Weasley has always been one to see an opportunity.

Fall from GraceCollapse )
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