Kayla (admanthea) wrote in percy100,

Title: Little Girl
Words: 100
Characters: Percy, Ginny
Challenge: Percy + Diagon Alley

He’d come down this street many times as a child. It was very exciting, even though he knew the enjoyment would be squashed with second hand books, and other things that cast him out.

He would walk down rows of shops, entering stores with his little sister at his heels, begging him to let her help. She had been about six the first time.

Now he was looking at another young, red haired girl. She was the same age Ginny had been.

His niece Ariadne rushed into her mother’s arms, and the girl who’d admired him at six, just scowled.

Title: Nice Boy
Words: 100
Characters: Percy, Oliver, Percy/Oliver pairing
Challenge: Percy + Diagon Alley

“Nice boy,” his father commented, standing in the middle of Diagon Alley.

“So sweet, I hope he and Percy become friends,” his mother said with enthusiasm. Percy had been entranced by the boy they’d met. He hoped they would become friends, because just looking at him, he was fascinating.

“Amazing young man,” his father murmured, standing in the middle of a wedding crowd.

“The best choice for our Percy,” his mother added, and Percy agreed with their assessment of his husband. Who would have thought that he would marry Oliver, the boy he’d met at age eleven in Diagon Alley?

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