Atalanta Pendragonne (atalantapendrag) wrote in percy100,
Atalanta Pendragonne


Title: Winning
Author: atalantapendrag
Rating: PG-13, Percy/Oliver
Word Count: 100 (according to OpenOffice)
Challenge: #10: Percy and Quidditch

Percy alway feigned disappointment when Gryffindor lost a match. If he wasn't so reserved, it might have been difficult.

When Gryffindor won, everyone yelled, there were always illicit bottles of intoxicants (that Professor McGonagall had all but instructed him to ignore!), cheering and the team was surrounded by admirers.

When Gryffindor lost, everyone wandered off to sulk alone. Usually the aforementioned bottles were drafted as 'consolation'.

To Percy, a Gryffindor loss meant finding Oliver, wherever he'd hidden himself. A long, soothing backrub was better consolation, and more often than not, led to them forgetting there'd been a match at all.

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