PATHETIC ATTEMPT AT ROBOT SODOMY (nova_bright) wrote in percy100,

Challenge: percy and superstitions

Title: Step on the cracks
Rating: R
Warnings: Disturbing content ahoy...AU
Pairing: Feral!Lupin/Percy
Word length: 149. Sorry, couldn't cut anything.

Must not break time. I will suffer. He arches and sobs silently under his lover's untender ministrations.
"This is what you deserve, Percy. Bad boys who break mirrors get punished." The older man growls into the pale shell of his ear. Percy's body is not his own, this man knows every part of him, his scent erases Percy's subtler smell. There is very little of the human left inside the man who pushes his way into Percy's body with savagery. He bites Percy but does not break the skin.
"Who am I Percy?" He asks, the moon gleaming in his alien eyes.
"You are the monster under the bed." Percy whispers, and that earns him a too rough lick down the side of his cock.
Percy is trapped, little red riding hood eaten up by the big bad wolf. He waits for the day when he won't fight back.


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