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Challenge #2: "Obsessive?"

Title: Obsessive?
Pairing: Percy/Oliver, but barely
Challenge: Percy and cauldron bottoms
Word Count: 100
Rating: G

"But as I said, it isn’t simply cauldron-bottom thickness but the uniformity of thickness that matters," Percy continued, blissfully unaware of the glazed expressions on the others’ faces. "Consider the example of the inferior North American imports-"

"Keeping conversation flowing as always, I see," Oliver said mischievously, placing a drink in front of his lover.

A babble arose from the others in the booth. "Oliver!"

"Where’ve you been?"

"Have you heard the new bludger-circumference regulations?"

"Ridiculous!" Oliver spluttered. "If they look at the statutes from the 1809 conference on..."

Percy rolled his eyes. How could anyone be so obsessive? Honestly!
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