a muse of sorts (i suppose) (__carteblanche) wrote in percy100,
a muse of sorts (i suppose)


Title: Silence
Rating: G
Characters: Percy + Oliver
World Count: 100
Challenge: #3, Percy + "You Had Me At Hello"


Red hair and freckles, frayed cuffs and spectacles. Clear hazel eyes and pale skin, loose skin of his lower lip that he keeps pulling at. Oliver has heard of the Weasleys, of Bill’s leather jackets and Charlie’s breathtaking speed on a broom.

"Hullo." He offers with a bright smile.

"Hi." Only a whisper, but Oliver has heard enough.

They say nothing more as they climb onto Hogwarts Express for the first time.

Hullo. Hi. It is seventh year and they still say nothing. It is a comfortable silence, one that they can turn to for security every now and then.
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